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I´m sorry guys i have not being in much latly
my dear cousin seth has been here with his wife and i have sure miss having him around
it´s sad he is going back to sweden soon again
We had a family reunion this night and watched old movies with our dear parents
I was forced to get out with John he could take it ^^;
Seth was laughing to death i think and shawn was al egner about his
they was so cheesy and clumpsy and...i can´t explain it!!! :rofl:
Poor my brother could not take it....he was really sad and i as a good brother should taked him out...
Levi left after a short while and thinking something about *glad i´m adopted!!! ^^;*
  • Mood: Sentimental


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United States Virgin Islands
Name: Timothy or Tim
Gender: Male
Eye color: his left eye is light green and his right is dark green with a hearformed pupil
Weapons: Shurikens
Gears: dark purple mask and brown arm and leg pads then he have lightblue wrappings around his right arm and left leg
He is left handed
he have a broken plastron and a deep scar over his right eye
Parents: Don and Anna

Tim is quiet guy that spend the most of his daytime in the lab with his dad but at nights he is out and chase viliants
he seek revenge for his lost mother
and have hard to accept she is gone
home he is calm and nice to everyone tim rarly use first name on ppl he often just call, uncle, and sensei and the girls in his near he is really polite and calls them "my lady" or "mam"
but has no mercy for his enemy

Tim like to meditate and trains go and fishing
he like to take long runs to clear his mind, he is good in biology and chemistry
he train hard and have a tendese to overdo it sometimes

Fawls: Tim is terrified of small spaces and freaks out if he got trapped ^^;

Tim is loyal to his family and would give his life ti protect them
he use his shurikens in battle and a large knife in battle
he is left handed
he has sometimes short temper but mostly are he cold minded and can find solutions even in the hardest situations

Tim have a deep scar in his face and a broken plastron
he have a tendese to put himself into trubles
he got his injurey in a fight for saving his dads life
the were anbushed of elite ninjas and they were near to kill don
Tim got furious and attaked them in rage he use himself like a human sheild and they nearly beat him to death before the others came and saved them...

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Happy birthday
Mew2fem Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
happy birthday, Tim
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Kai: Hi brother
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Kai!!! Hi brother long time ago we talked!!
how are you??
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Kai: ^^ Ok I guess
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